Arduino Boards

Two things. A plug for a web site, and a thought on entrepreneurship. Both have to do with Arduino.

Arduino Board is a new website I put together to help sort out the plethora of Arduinos and Arduino "compatibles". There are hundreds. I've done 50 already, and I have a few more to go. It breaks the boards down into Arduino, Arduino approved, hardware compatible and software compatible. Oh, and one page devoted to knock-offs. Bootlegged boards that even say they are made in Italy, but are obviously not. I think you will find it interesting if you are into that kind of thing.

Second thought. Arduino makes a board. That board does nothing except provide a clock, regulator, and output connector. All of the functionality is in the ATmega328 chip itself. Let me repeat that. All of the functionality is in the ATmega chip. The Arduino adds nothing in the way of computing.

Given that, the idea that someone would make a copy of it, changing nothing, and sell it is simply mind boggling to me. It is a one-chip solution on a board, and the board is not even required. Are these people, the ones who "clone" the Arduino, so simple minded that they can't even improve upon a single function device? Out of the first 50 boards I looked at, there were three that had any kind of innovation. Only one board was innovative in the way the Arduino was innovative. It was also the simplest one I found. Spoiler: The pins were all on one edge, so you can plug it into a breadboard and still use the breadboard. Bare Bones Board from Modern Device. It is also one of the cheapest.

Anyway, the Arduino is not the best Arduino, but it is better than 90% of it's imitators. That's not bad.