I write software for a large internet company. When I'm not trying to keep bad guys out of things, I play with electronics, woodworking, and astronomy, sometimes at the same time.

In the past I made candy by hand in a candy factory. Pulled weeds and bad wheat from the seed fields. Wired control panels for dust suppression systems. Designed fast stepper motor controllers. Designed and built brush and brushless motor controllers and switching power supplies for aircraft. Eddy current brake and clutch controllers for 250HP electric motors. Designed and built speed controls for large DC motors. A photolab printer controller that would correct for bad chemistry. I sold men's clothing. Warehoused imported Italian hand-painted tile and fancy appliances. Designed and built loudspeakers for showboats, rock bands, a sherrif and an armed robber. Designed and built CCD cameras. Washed cars. Washed dishes. Hassled truck drivers for the state. Cooked chicken for the Colonel. Interfaced hotel and resort computer systems to point-of-sale and telephone equipment. I worked two jobs and went to school full time. I built a controller for the Ford truck assembly plant with one job, and wrote a program to scan their parking lot with a camera for car thieves with the other job. Controllers to tension fiberglass insulation while it's still glowing red. Wrote protocol converters and printer controllers. I have written technical documents for aircraft instruments. Designed and prototyped aircraft instruments. I took a deep sky picture with a Quickcam because Sky and Telescope said it couldn't be done. I wrote software that allowed others to do the same. I repaired TV's and stereos when that was something people actually did. Fixed video games and pinball machines for the Mafia. I hold a patent for something I did not design or use, and which could only be called prior art. Wrote a driver for a CCD camera used for near Earth object detection. Designed and coded the software to do spectrophotography for a company that made spectrometers. Built a C-band satellite receiver controlled by a 6502 processor. Wrote test software for the CDMA network. Designed and coded the software for a prostate cancer radiation treatment machine that used a CCD camera to verify the right radioactive pellets were in the right place. Wrote software for energy management systems and installed said systems in hotels and casinos. Wrote software to track your every movement on the internet (Kidding. It only tracked you on sites that had it.) Designed computer hardware for the STD and S-100 busses. Designed software for a home phone system that ran multiple calls on a single pair of wires. Implemented a learning machine to find and remove malware from hosting servers. Designed the controller for a 35mm film projector for angioplasty film review that was capable of anywhere from 1 to 30 fps using a stepper motor. Wrote a BIOS for a CP/M computer. Built a controller for a chop saw to stop it from shoving 8 inch diameter pipe through the side wall of the building. Built a 220 foot rhombic antenna in the back yard for DX'ing. Installed a CP/M computer to control a vertical mill. Maintained analog servo controlled electronic assembly machines. Maintained the servos on a 2-story (3 if you count the controller) router that a co-worker had converted to CNC with a TRS-80 computer. Maintained, and designed and built replacement cards for "Clyde" the 3-spindle CNC drill.

Not necessarily in that order.