Walnut and maple coffee table

The top is 48" x 32" and the base is 16" tall. The base is made from hard white maple and the top is made from some of the nicest walnut boards I have ever seen. They were 12" wide x 10 feet long. I have some more that are 10" wide x 10' long. The center board in the top is a 10" wide board, while the two outside boards are 12". To give it a rustic look, the boards are not glued up, but just butt against each other and float with table-top clips.

The bottom shelf is made from maple boards that float between the stretchers. The brown stain is from a wormhole. You can't tell from the pictures, but the bottom shelf really is flat. I radiused the edges of every board in the table using a router table and a 1/8" roundover bit. It is short for a coffee table by about 2 inches, but just right height so that everyone can rest their weary feet.


The base frame is all pegged mortise and tenon joinery.

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