Flat Field Panels

I've built two flat field panels, using EL panels and inverters from Ellumiglow. One is for the William Optics GT81, and one is for the Meade 12" f/8 ACF OTA. Firmware is provided, should you wish to do one yourself. The flat field panel interfaces like a FlatMaster. Of course you could make the interface into anything you would like.

5-inch flat panel

The 5" flat panel uses the Ellumiglow 5" circle, an upgraded inverter, and a PWM controller to set the brightness via automation. I got this panel in 2022, and kludged up a frame for it. This project replaces that with a more robust frame.

The 14" flat panel uses the Ellumiglow 14" circle and an older inverter design. It uses the same PWM controller. I've had this panel since 2020. The project is taking it from its very heavy plywood frame and putting it in an aluminum and ABS plastic frame.

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