Pretty Pictures

I've been out of it for a while, and just started again. These are some of the better pictures I've taken, some with a 20" f/6.7 Imaging Dall-Kirkham telescope located in Namibia. My scope is a 12" f/8, and while it was being repaired I bought some time on the 20".


M27 is a planetary nebula located 1300 light years away in the constellation Vulpecula, and gets its name from its two-lobed appearance. It is easy to find with a small telescope.


NGC 7331 in the constellation Pegasus is also known as Caldwell 30. It is a Milky Way-like galaxy some 40 million light years distant, with several visual companions which lie about 300 million light years beyond. NGC 7331 is unusual in that the central bulge rotates the opposite direction from the disk.