NGC 6995

NGC 6995
NGC 6995 Luminance only

This was my second light with the repaired 12" LX600 telescope. No LPR filter used - the camera attached to the focuser. If it isn't obvious, this image was taken under very light polluted skies (Bortle 8-9). This was before I got the bad pixels mapped out. You'll see them as dark or light squiggly lines.

  • 12-inch LX600 telescope
  • 26 x 120 seconds luminance only
  • 1651px x 1237px
  • September 2020
NGC 6995
NGC 6995 wide field

I turned the 81mm scope on NGC 6995 and got this snapshot between the clouds. It includes NGC 6992.

  • Willam Optics GT81 telescope
  • 45 x 120 seconds luminance only
  • 1500px x 1156px
  • September 2021